Anticoagulation UK

22 September 2017

Anticoagulation Europe is now Anticoagulation UK

AntiCoagulation Europe has had a makeover and we are delighted to introduce you to Anticoagulation UK (ACUK)

So why have we changed our name?

Quite simply, we want to focus on our continuing commitment to provide information, education and support to the anticoagulation patient community and extend our offerings by developing our new Prevention, Provision and Promotion strategy going forward.

Patients and carers needs across countries remain the same, but the way we work in Europe is slightly different to the way we work in the UK. Also the percentage of our work is higher in the UK. With this in mind it made sense to have our European work on our UK site.

So if you were wondering what’s s happening with our ongoing work in Europe?

Its business as usual and we will continue to work with our European colleagues ensuring that we are able to contribute to the valuable research and development undertaken to promote effective anticoagulation treatments and first class service provision within our community.

We will be updating the website regularly with information about all new and ongoing work across the UK and Europe.

Thanks for your ongoing interest in ACUK and we would be delighted to receive your feedback at: