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Anticoagulation UK's mission can be simply defined by 3 key objectives:

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In the UK thrombosis (blood clots) kills more people each year than breast cancer, motor vehicle accidents and AIDS combined.

Anticoagulation UK is dedicated to the prevention of thrombosis, raising awareness of the risk of blood clots and how to help prevent them. We rely on the generosity of people like you to help us achieve our mission. Your support really makes a difference.

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By providing information we aim to raise awareness of the risk of blood clots and how to help prevent them.

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Welcome to the first in our podcast series 'Beyond the Blood Clot' where we discuss issues surrounding anticoagulation and the Coronavirus. Hosted by Eve Knight, the CEO and Co-founder of the charity Anticoagulation UK.

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[S1, E1]
Anticoagulation and the Coronavirus: Your questions answered



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