Anticoagulation UK

04 October 2020

Helen and Guy complete their trip and raise funds for ACUK

Helen has suffered 4 blood clots and both her and her partner Guy believe that awareness is the key to prevention. Despite having post thrombotic syndrome, Helen is lucky enough to have recovered from the blood clots, many do not. Blood clots can affect anyone, they don’t discriminate.

Guy and Helen were looking forward to the trip of a lifetime driving Route 66 in America this month to raise money for Anticoagulation UK. Determined not to be stopped by the corona virus they decided to get moving and have a virtual trip walking and cycling Route 66 (nearly 2,500 miles). They worked out that they would need to cover approx 35 miles per week each to get to their destination!

Well congratulations and thanks are due to them both because they have completed their virtual trip and raised over £1,400 for ACUK.

Thanks to everyone who supported them.

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