Anticoagulation UK

Episode 1: Anticoagulation and the Coronavirus: Your questions answered

This podcast has been kindly supported by BMS/Pfizer Alliance. The sponsors had no involvement or input in the content, production or editing of this podcast.

Welcome to the first in our podcast series where we discuss issues surrounding anticoagulation and the Coronavirus. Hosted by Eve Knight, the CEO and Co-founder of the charity Anticoagulation UK.

In this episode, Eve is joined by Helen Williams to answer some of the questions that our audience have asked us. Helen is a consultant pharmacist for cardiovascular disease, for Southeast London Clinical Commissioning Groups. She is also the clinical lead for atrial fibrillation for UCL Partners and has recently been appointed as a national specialty advisor for cardiovascular disease for NHS England.

On behalf of NHS England and NHS Improvement, Helen has recently produced the clinical guide for the management of anticoagulation services during the Coronavirus pandemic and this has become the reference point for all clinicians who are dealing with patients and anticoagulation at this difficult time.

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