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Anticoagulation UK launches 'best practice' framework service specification to support anticoagulation services

Anticoagulation UK is pleased to publish a new best practice framework service specification for anticoagulation services, produced in collaboration with an expert panel of GPs and anticoagulation pharmacists. The service specification, which can be downloaded promotes the delivery of high-quality care for all anticoagulation patients, across all healthcare settings.

Maintaining high standards in anticoagulation is crucial to protecting patients as much as possible from an atrial fibrillation-related stroke or bleed and helps to prevent adverse events – thereby reducing demand on the NHS. However, our research has found that adherence to these standards varies significantly across the country. Some services do not routinely track their patients’ warfarin control, and many lack written protocols for patients with poor anticoagulation control.1

The new framework provides all anticoagulation services with comprehensive and practical guidance on best practice. It has been designed to provide services with gold standard guidelines to cover all aspects of anticoagulation patient management. We hope that commissioners of anticoagulation services across primary, secondary and community care will find this document to be a useful resource.

The expert panel members were chosen and convened by Anticoagulation UK, and include: Frances Akor (Consultant Pharmacist, Anticoagulation), Chris Arden (GP and Cardiovascular Clinical Lead), Yassir Javaid (GP and Primary Care Cardiovascular Lead), Susan Wintle (Anticoagulation Pharmacist).

This project has been fully funded by Bayer plc. The content is independent of and not influenced by Bayer plc, who checked the final document for technical accuracy only. WA Communications provided support for Anticoagulation UK to deliver this project. WA’s services are fully funded by Bayer plc.

1Anticoagulation UK, Out of Range: Audit of anticoagulation management in secondary care in England, April 2018. Download the Out of Range Report