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If you take warfarin do you want to record your INR results, look up the vitamin K content of foods, record your blood pressure, activity, weight and much much more – then take a look at the INR Tracker website. All of these features are available for free to anyone that signs up to

Features Available on

  • You can easily log your Warfarin Dosages, INRs (blood test results), Vitamin K and other nutrients from a plethora of foods, Appointments, Blood Pressure, Wellness (bruises, fever, etc), Inactivity (time you sit or travel), Exercise, Weight, Compression Sock Usage, Temperature and Menstruation.
  • You get beautiful charts for your Warfarin, INRs, Blood Pressure, Wellness, Inactivity, Weight, Compression Sock usage, Temperature and Menstruation data.
  • You can set goals. Goals will then appear on your charts.
  • You can generate printer friendly Reports that include data and charts from the above features. These reports can be brought into your INR appointments and can help you and your doctor figure out what may be causing your INR fluctuations. This will ultimately aid in letting your doctor figure out the most approriate warfarin dosage is to give you.
  • You can get Email Reminders about your upcoming Doctor Appointments.
  • You can use our INR Levels Tool to easily see what may have caused a low or high INR, and what treatment your doctor may provide. After logging an INR on, you can click on it to get a full report about it through this tool. All information in this tool is backed by Government and University Resources in the USA.
  • You can browse and search through our Vitamin K Food Database. The database has interactive food pages. Food pages include a nutritional calculator, a dynamic chart that shows how much of a food you can eat based on vitamin k content, comparisons of a food's vitamin k content to dozens of other foods. All nutritional data is backed by the USDA's nutritional database. Our database has the vitamin k for 4,879 foods.
  • You can browse our Sodium Food Database which has sodium data on 8,342 foods.
  • You can use our DVT Calculator. This DVT Calculator is what doctors use to initially diagnose you to figure out what tests to do next. The questions are written out in plain english and are completely based off of the Wells DVT Test.
  • You can use our Pulmonary Embolism Calculator, which is similar to the DVT Calculator but has questions that are focused around a Pulmonary Embolism. The questions are based off of the Wells Pulmonary Embolism Test, which is what doctors use, but we use plain english so anyone can use it.
  • Test your vitamin k knowledge, using our fun and challenging vitamin k quizzes.
  • Learn from articles backed by University and Government resources.
  • Chat with other Warfarin Patients.

INRTracker was founded in April 2012 as the definitive personal health management tool designed for Warfarin patients.

Warfarin is the most commonly prescribed blood thinner on the market. It's used to help patients with blood clots or at risk for blood clots.

INRTracker is a free web app and is also mobile friendly, available in English, Spanish, German and French and adjusts to any time zone available at

With INRTracker, Warfarin Patients can log their daily activity, analyze their blood test (INR) results, learn from articles backed by University and Government resources, use a suite of tools such as a Vitamin K Food Database, Sodium Food Database, DVT/PE Calculators, talk with other patients and non profits using our discussion forum, and generate easy to read reports to help themselves and their doctors to find out what may be causing fluctuations in their warfarin therapy.